Why Am I?

Show Me The Way

I wish I could say I will miss 2016, but it was a living hell both personally and internationally in my humble opinion. I look in the mirror and I see someone different from last year. There is a woman who has gotten stronger and weaker in the same breath. I have fire coupled with […]

Iceberg Conundrum

There is always something brewing somewhere, with someone. It is too much or too little. It may not sound right or reach the correct decibel. Perhaps it is the wrong color, or the perception of that color. Maybe its background is clouded by uncertainty or confusion; maybe it is clear in my eyes, but foggy […]

Seeing Myself Through His Eyes

I remember being pregnant with my first child. Just like with any pregnancy, my body, mind and emotions went through many changes over the course of a few months. I never quite felt like myself but more than anything, I dreaded the weight gain. On one hand, I wanted a healthy baby, while on the […]