Why Am I?

Don’t Judge Me

Sweating palms, racing heart, rising anxiety. We’ve all been there: the dreaded first impression. Whether it be the occasion of a date, meeting a new person, or starting your first day at a new job, the task of revealing all of who you are as a person in mere seconds or minutes is daunting for […]

Sorry Not Sorry

Although I should know better by now, I cannot help but to feel as if I am doing this thing called life all wrong. It seems as if everyone has an opinion on what it means to be a good woman who is deemed worthy of love and respect. Over the last few years, I […]

Show Me The Way

I wish I could say I will miss 2016, but it was a living hell both personally and internationally in my humble opinion. I look in the mirror and I see someone different from last year. There is a woman who has gotten stronger and weaker in the same breath. I have fire coupled with […]

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