Why Am I?

The App That Saved My Life

Life in my 30s has become quite stale. I’m the only one left out of my close friends who doesn’t have any children which is by design. If my only other option outside of my dull and tedious existence is to become a single mother, I’ll keep my cards. They’re not that bad. I consider myself […]

Don’t Judge Me

Sweating palms, racing heart, rising anxiety. We’ve all been there: the dreaded first impression. Whether it be the occasion of a date, meeting a new person, or starting your first day at a new job, the task of revealing all of who you are as a person in mere seconds or minutes is daunting for […]

Iceberg Conundrum

There is always something brewing somewhere, with someone. It is too much or too little. It may not sound right or reach the correct decibel. Perhaps it is the wrong color, or the perception of that color. Maybe its background is clouded by uncertainty or confusion; maybe it is clear in my eyes, but foggy […]