Why Am I?

Bloom From Where You Are

Spring is the perfect time to slow down and consider the things we may have passed through recklessly and, for the sake of a really fun word, oafishly during our New Year’s resolutions. Winter is the season that can mirror our mind’s frozen context. This is because we sometimes shut down our creativity and self-motivators […]

Don’t Judge Me

Sweating palms, racing heart, rising anxiety. We’ve all been there: the dreaded first impression. Whether it be the occasion of a date, meeting a new person, or starting your first day at a new job, the task of revealing all of who you are as a person in mere seconds or minutes is daunting for […]

7 Reasons Why I Started My Own Business

Wake up to your blaring alarm. Take a shower and brush your teeth. Put on that stuffy button-up and slacks that hit you in all the wrong places. Get in your car and join the morning traffic. Clock in. Work. Lunch. Work. Clock out. Get in your car and join the evening traffic. Change out […]