Why Am I?

7 Reasons Why I Started My Own Business

Wake up to your blaring alarm. Take a shower and brush your teeth. Put on that stuffy button-up and slacks that hit you in all the wrong places. Get in your car and join the morning traffic. Clock in. Work. Lunch. Work. Clock out. Get in your car and join the evening traffic. Change out […]

Iceberg Conundrum

There is always something brewing somewhere, with someone. It is too much or too little. It may not sound right or reach the correct decibel. Perhaps it is the wrong color, or the perception of that color. Maybe its background is clouded by uncertainty or confusion; maybe it is clear in my eyes, but foggy […]

The Shattered Looking Glass

I am a woman. I am a wife. I am a mother. I have been a size four and I have been a size 24. I have nearly drowned in the depths of despair and depression but I have also tasted the sweetest joy. All of these things, and more, inform the way I perceive […]