Why Am I?

7 Reasons Why I Need Coffee

Let’s talk about why I need coffee every day of my life. God bless those of you who don’t need any help from the sweet nectar of the gods because you can wake up chipper as hell as soon as you open your eyes. As for this girl, I need it to be able to […]

My Family, The Phoenix

My family has lost everything not once, but twice. The first time I was thirteen and I remember the day we vacated my childhood home the way you remember the first time your heart gets broken, the scar deep and forever surfacing to feed your fears. The second time was just over two years ago […]

Sorry Not Sorry

Although I should know better by now, I cannot help but to feel as if I am doing this thing called life all wrong. It seems as if everyone has an opinion on what it means to be a good woman who is deemed worthy of love and respect. Over the last few years, I […]