Why Am I?

Show Me The Way

I wish I could say I will miss 2016, but it was a living hell both personally and internationally in my humble opinion. I look in the mirror and I see someone different from last year. There is a woman who has gotten stronger and weaker in the same breath. I have fire coupled with […]

My Own Identity

I am a twin. I was born with my sister, my best friend, my soul mate. There’s something indescribable about twins. People are fascinated by them. The relationship between each other is insurmountable, and there is even an inherent bond between different sets of twins. I have always loved being a twin. When we were […]

Bloom From Where You Are

Spring is the perfect time to slow down and consider the things we may have passed through recklessly and, for the sake of a really fun word, oafishly during our New Year’s resolutions. Winter is the season that can mirror our mind’s frozen context. This is because we sometimes shut down our creativity and self-motivators […]

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