Be All In. Or Get All Out.

Dear Husband

Divorce looks good on us, right? I am grateful that we’ve decided to keep in touch and be friendly towards each other although I believe our true intention of communicating is to see who suffers the most without the other. My ego wants to believe that I won… because I’m still fine. Despite my boobs […]

Escaping A Narcissist

For me, it is not just saying something out loud that makes it real, or saying it in a room of your own where the words echo back to you as you close your eyes and hope they aren’t real. It is saying it out loud to someone else who has either seen your struggle […]

The App That Saved My Life

Life in my 30s has become quite stale. I’m the only one left out of my close friends who doesn’t have any children which is by design. If my only other option outside of my dull and tedious existence is to become a single mother, I’ll keep my cards. They’re not that bad. I consider myself […]


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